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Screw cap closing machine VER 006

Fully automatic 6 place circular closing machine for plastic screw caps. The bottles pass via conveyor into the machine to be singularized by the worm conveyor feeder. The star shaped feeder leads the bottles to the screwing stations to be centered. The screw spindle, which took the cap from the cap plate, declines to the bottle neck to screw the cap against an adjustable torque.
The machine is delivered with a format set of bottles and caps including an about 3m long transport conveyor with frequency commanded conveyor drive.

Performance about 9,000 bottles per hour, smoothly adjustable, depending on the form of the trading units, filling height and screw cap dimensions
Cap feed from sorter to closing unit via clap plate with brass feeding rail and stainless steel
Machine drive frequency drive
  • plastic slat conveyor chain with smoothly adjustable drive
  • Worm conveyor on machine running-in for handover to the star conveyor inside the machine
Screwing head drive by three phase a.c. motor: Torque adjustment via pre-tension of the friction clutch.
Machine management Siemens SPS S7, control touch panel OP177B
Festo pneumatic valves and cams
Control device
  • running-in and running-out light barrier for fully automatic run
  • Cap control system in the cap feeder
  • Cap control system after closing on machine running-out
Safety device
  • All-around covering against accidental intervention into the running machine
  • Panes made of Sekurit safety glass
  • Door protection by end switches
  • Star conveyor switch responding when recipients are blocking and thus protecting the machine against damage
  • Caps gate for the unhampered intake of closing caps
  • Bottle brake to avoid the turning of the bottles while screwing
Working height 900 mm +/- 50 mm

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