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Piston pump filler

Fully automatic, 12, 18 places, circular Piston dosage filler for bottles. The recipients being singularized on the machine inlet by worm conveyor to be handed over to the feeding star. This one leads the bottles upon the bottle table beyond the filling unit. The bottles table mounts and descends, so that the filling tube plunges into the bottle to perform the filling process. During the filling, the filling tube moves slowly out of the product in the bottle. At the run-out the filled bottle is taken by the run-out star shaped conveyor to be handed over to the transport conveyor for leaving out of the machine.

All pumps, valves and cylinders are made of stainless steel. The residual depletion is made directly by the piston. The seals are made of Viton or Variseal.
Machine delivery with bottle format.

Performance up to 7,000 (FDK 1800) or 9,000 (FDK 1200) bottles per hour, smoothly adjustable, depending on the form of the trading units, filling height and product
Transport one track plastic slat conveyor chain with smoothly adjustable drive and guide railing
Machine drive frequency drive
Pump drive stepping motor adjustable and controllable in all velocities and proceeding ways, rpm and rotation free programmable via machine control panel.
The pumps have to be fed constantly with the product. Dry running of the pumps can be avoided by means of a reservoir with float command.
Machine management Siemens SPS S7 and control touch panel OP177B
Optionally, also with servo drive
Festo pneumatic valves and cams
Basic frame in solid cast-steel-aluminum-construction, lacquered, table sheets and side casing in stainless steel with collecting vat
Control device
  • running-in jam control switch and light sensor
  • Machine stop while filling tubes setup
  • Machine stop in case of bottles blocking run-out
  • Filler switch min./max.
Safety device
  • All-around covering against accidental intervention into the running machine
  • Panes made of Sekurit safety glass
  • Door protection by end switches
  • Star conveyor switch responding when recipients are blocking and thus protecting the machine against damage
Working height 900 mm +/- 50 mm

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