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Capping machine / Cap Closing Machine and Inline Capping Machine

Bottles, tubes, canisters and more: To keep your production inline fast and efficient you need a capping machine that performs – which is exactly what Bunder & Schmitt will deliver. We plan and build custom engineering solutions for clients from all around the world. 45 years of experience, know-how and passion is just what you need for a capping machine you can count on!

Your Capping machine by Bünder & Schmitt: Custom machine engineering solutions made in Germany

Be it inline capping machine or cap closing machine: We will design and construct a Bünder & Schmitt capping machine that will fit your needs and specifications. Get in touch and tell us about your project!

We will be glad to support you and your company with an engineering solution that holds up to the highest standards. Contact us via e-mail at info@buender-schmitt.de or call our hotline at +49.2252.835269 0 to learn more about what Bünder & Schmitt can do for you!



Inline capping machine, cap closing machine & more: Your capping machine from Bünder & Schmitt is made to perform

Bünder & Schmitt offers the following kinds of capping machines:

  • VER 001
  • VER 001L
  • VER 002
  • VER 002S
  • VER 004
  • VER 006
  • Trigger

A Bünder & Schmitt capping machine…

  • … caps up to 18,000 pcs/h.
  • … allows for integration of elevators, cap sorters and final control.
  • … allows for screwing against the torque.
  • … gives you the freedom to choose which closing type you need.
  • … allows for simple and rapid retrofitting should you chose to change the format.
  • … allows for all servo-drives to be programmed individually.

Reliable & powerful: A Bünder & Schmitt inline capping machine or cap closing machine is ideal for your business

Bünder & Schmitt is one of the leading manufacturers of specialized machinery in all areas of packaging. Our inline capping machines, cap closing machines, pouch filling machines and many other products are being used by businesses of all sizes and kinds. Why is a Bünder & Schmitt capping machine a good choice for you as well? Because with our products you can rely on:

  • High quality machinery:  A Bünder & Schmitt Capping machine is a well-planned, precise and powerful piece of equipment made from the best materials.
  • Durability & high performance: Your Bünder & Schmitt inline capping machine or cap closing machine will last for many years – even under heavy usage.
  • A custom product made to fit your needs: Every Bünder & Schmitt capping machine is as unique as the demands of its owner.

Learn more about your Bünder & Schmitt capping machine, filling machine or other packaging machinery: Call or send us a message – we are looking forward to hearing about your project!

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